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What You Can Do to Prevent Senior Falls

What You Can Do to Prevent Senior Falls

You may notice that your parents struggle in moving about in their own home. They may also struggle with doing chores that they can do with ease before. In this situation, most families with older adults often seek help from professionals providing senior care services in Livingston, Texas. The caregivers can provide a certain level of help to your older parents.

Yet, one thing that you should take a good look at is the high risks of incidences of falls in your senior parents. With the physical limitations they already have, recovering from a slip can be difficult. As a result, they end up falling.

Of course, you can do something to help keep your parents from falling. Reducing the risks of senior falls is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule regular hearing and vision checkups for your senior family members.

    Hearing and vision senses are essential in maintaining balance. So, make sure that your loved ones do not have hearing and vision problems that can hamper their balance. Schedule their checkups on a regular basis.

    Have transportation ready for your loved ones to not miss their appointments. You can have home care providers in Texas go with your aging family members if you are unavailable.

  • Discuss the side effects of medications with their doctors.

    Taking certain medications may leave your loved ones feeling nauseous. As a result, they may lose their balance.

    If you think that their medications are increasing their risks of falling, talk to their doctors. They can give alternate remedies or treatments for your aging family members.

  • Keep their surroundings clean.

    The presence of clutter increases the risks of falling in seniors. Wet floors become slippery which also increases risks of senior falls.

    To lower these risks, keeping their surroundings clean is a must. Providers of in-home care services in Texas can help provide light housekeeping assistance. They can also help seniors with various house chores.

  • Encourage them to join exercise programs.

    Find exercise programs that focus on helping seniors improve balance, flexibility, and mobility. But, remember to inform their doctors about the program. This will help ensure your aging loved ones’ safety.

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