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The Importance of Keeping Medical Records

The Importance of Keeping Medical Records

There are a lot of people who just discard their medical test results after they’ve had it interpreted by a doctor. Anyway, they can just get it done again in case something new comes up, right? Although you can always re-take a test, losing a test result can mean losing the continuity of your condition monitoring. A lot of diseases cannot be diagnosed in one checkup. There are times where it takes years to fully come up with conclusive test results. Other than that, losing a test result means starting over again whenever you decide to have a new doctor.

Test results are good ways of monitoring your medical history. Additionally, having a lot of information to work with can better help a doctor come up with a definite diagnosis. Belonging to a network of home care providers in Texas, we are concerned about the overall welfare of our senior clients. As such, we want to make sure that all your medical records are intact.

A good way to keep your records is to purchase a clear folder to place your records in. Organize your test results in chronological order so that the doctor will be able to easily identify any progression in your condition. Other than that, keep a separate record of your prescriptions. This will give the doctor a good idea of your medication history. If you have difficulties doing so, senior care services in Livingston, Texas can help you organize your records. 

Whenever you have a consultation with your doctor, take notes. Ask them what they think your condition is and what it entails. Place dates on your notes and try to put it along with its respective test results. By taking notes, a new doctor can help determine and understand the treatment you are undergoing. With a better view of your condition, they can better give a recommendation. 

If you’re looking for in-home care services in Texas, give us at A Plus Sitting Service a call. We are ready and willing to provide you with the best services. 

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