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Home Exercise Program

Exercise, along with monitored diet, is the best way to achieving your holistic fitness goals.

Complying with the regular exercise routine is much easier when you don’t feel the sense of diet-deprivation and self-restriction. Beyond such health practices, A Plus Sitting Service believes that enjoying while exercising motivates our clients to adhere more to their exercise schedule and method by offering various exercise activities.

senior man and woman exercising togetherWe assist our clients with the following:

  • Walking our clients outside
  • Escorting them with dog walking
  • Different physical activities per day
  • Creative and enjoying exercises
  • Lying or sitting exercises
  • Encouraging clients to stay physically active
  • Encouraging clients to stay socially active
  • And so much more!

Do you want to avail of our exciting exercise programs? To begin with, kindly contact us and set an appointment with us.