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Adult Home Care in Livingston, Texas

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Senior Care: Daily Sitting Services

Do you have somewhere important to go to yet taking care of an elderly loved one makes it hard for you to attend? We are here to help you. At A Plus Sitting Service, a trusted and popular provider of senior care services in Livingston, Texas, we provide adult sitting services to your senior loved … Continue reading

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Safe Home Exercise Programs

When it comes to aging, it is important to pay closer attention to health, the foods you eat, and exercise routines every day. It is also understandable how most elderly can’t follow the right way to live healthier since some of them struggle due to a disability or other health problems. With us at A … Continue reading

Aids to a Good and Healthy Lifestyle: What They Are

A healthy body makes a healthy mind, and it can go the other way around. Keeping yourself healthy is an essential thing to do, even in your golden years. It is best to maintain good health to fight off and prevent contracting various diseases and illnesses. As a provider of quality senior care services in … Continue reading

What Satisfaction Does Caregiving Bring?

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘caregiver’? Have you ever thought of working as a caregiver one day? In a conventional home care setting, being a caregiver means assisting a patient’s daily living activities, accompanying them whenever and wherever needed, or simply to provide personal care in general. But there is … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Isolation in Senior Your Loved Ones

Isolation can sometimes be dangerous for the elderly; it can yield sadness, stress, or in worse cases, suicidal tendencies. Thus, looking for mitigating measures early on is a must.  How can you protect your loved ones from isolation? As a provider of senior care services in Livingston, Texas, we at A Plus Sitting Service recommend you to accompany … Continue reading

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Quality Care: What It Takes to Be a Caregiver

We know that caregivers take care of patients. They devote their time to assisting the injured, the disabled, and the ill. But being a caregiver is more than just taking care of them. It goes way beyond what we know. Caregivers make sure that every patient under their supervision is in good condition, which means … Continue reading

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